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Thank you for adopting a monster from us! We are dedicated to saving homeless, unwanted and abandoned monsters. Our goal is to find good monster parents and forever homes for our little scary friends.

Did you know?

Once a monster has been brought to our facilities, they are given a thorough health check, vaccinated, and bathed/groomed. The adoption fee includes:

Spay or Neuter
Basic Vaccinations
Behavioral Assessment

Where can I adopt a Monster?

You can adopt directly from the Monster Rescue League online and at various events (visit the Naturel Mistik Facebook page - they will post our upcoming events). We also have several Official Monster Adoption Locations in the Roanoke area:

A Little Bit Hippy

Have you adopted a monster from us?

We would love to hear from you! Send us a photo of you and your monster having fun together. Tell us about your adoption experience and how your new monster friend has changed your life. We will post them here (scroll down for photos!). Send your stories and photos to: monstersinva @ yahoo.com

Important Information

WARNING: Monsters and young children do not mix. Monsters have small parts that young children like to chew, which causes the monster distress and places the child in danger of choking. This also applies to dogs, cats, and other animals with teeth. Remember, monsters are for loving, not chewing.

Monster rescue operations and adoption services brought to you with the generous support of the folks at Naturel Mistik: www.naturelmistik.com

Monsters and their Forever Families
Our first monster adoption!
Burt and his human (who said they would ride motorcycles together).
Ellen is all smiles after adopting her monster friend Lucy!
When you adopt from us you will receive an official adoption certificate and bumper sticker! The adoption fee also supports the ongoing efforts of the Monster Rescue League in identifying and classifying the various types of monsters native to Virginia. The Field Guide to Virginia Monsters is in production. It is a comprehensive study of the types of monsters commonly found in Virginia; their social behavior, eating habits and more. We will post more information about this exciting book as it becomes available - check back often!
A photo from our first monster adoption event. Happy, healthy monsters waiting for YOU!