Why does this cost so much? I can get it at Walmart for a lot less.

You might be able to find something similar at Walmart. It will be mass produced in a factory somewhere overseas, probably staffed by underage and underpaid workers. When you purchase from me, I can tell you about your item - how I made it, the materials I used, my inspiration. It has value because it was truly made by hand. And you are helping support a local community here in the USA.

Thank you to those who have purchased from me. Your support enables independent artists (that includes me) to make a living and contribute to our local economies.

Will you make a {fill in the blank} for me?

Send an email to me with your request and I will let you know. My production schedule is rather tight, however, I will do my best to accept special orders. Something you should know about me - I have an aversion to buttons, zippers, stretchy fabric and other fussy things. I like practical garments that can be pulled on quickly and look fabulous without having to be ironed too much. If you are in need of something fitted, by all means go surf Etsy.com or other similar sites - there are lots of talented people out there who love that stuff! 

I like the quotes you have on the site.

Thanks, so do I. You should check out my bumper stickers.

What stores carry your clothes?

I am working on that. Currently I sell items via my Etsy shops, A Little Bit Hippy, and at
various shows during the year. Visit my Facebook page for the show schedule.

Monsters? Are you serious?

Very much so. I feel very strongly about monster rescue and the ability of monsters to help their humans lead happy lives. I decided to found the Monster Rescue League and I hope you will support my efforts by adopting a monster.

Where are the fortune telling decks?

Check out the Fortune Telling Decks for a complete list and descriptions. These decks are sold at shows (visit my Facebook page for the show schedule) and via this website. Contact me for current availability. I will send a PayPal invoice to you and ship them out after payment. Local pick-up is also available. Download the translation of the instrucstions for the Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards No. 1946.

Copyright and Trademark Protection

Many of the items I create and offer for sale are copyright and trademark protected. They will be noted with the appropriate symbol or wording. Kindly respect my creative efforts and ask before using photos or text. Thank you!

How do I know it's safe to buy stuff from you?

I accept payments through PayPal, and I am PayPal Verified. PayPal is safe, secure, and easy to use. I will never see your bank or credit card number. Being Verified is an extra step that sellers take to insure their buyers will have a safe shopping experience. Click on the PayPal icons you see throughout the site for a more in depth explanation, or visit PayPal.
to the online world of Naturel Mistik.
Your site looks funny. The words are pasted over each other.

This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024X768, the latest version of Chrome, Java Applets enabled, and the font Helvetica installed. Certain browsers (and Macs) do not like the html used on this site and do their best to mangle it. You might try using a different browser. UPDATE: Just found out that some pages on this site need to be viewed in compatibility mode (the broken page icon in your browser) - we are working on a fix.

Why are your scarves so long? Don't you make those cute little buttoned neck scarves?

Scarves should be long for several reasons: they wrap around your neck to keep you warm; they wrap around your waist to keep you fashionable; they wrap around your friend's hand so you can pull them out of quicksand, or perhaps a lake.

You make Ouija boards!! They are evil - the work of the devil!!1!

Firstly, I do not make Ouija boards. They are a trademarked item made by Parker Brothers. Secondly, they are not the work of the devil. If they were, that would mean I am the devil, since they are my work. When last I checked, I am most definitely not the devil. Of course, some backward thinking individuals do consider women to be 'evil', that whole Eve and the apple business ... but I digress.

What's with the spelling of Naturel Mistik?

It is Middle English, not bad typing. The inspiration for the name came from a Bob Marley song. Since I am not Rastafarian nor a huge Reggae fan, I decided to change it so as to not mislead his fans doing web searches. 

Natural: adj. 1. Existing in or caused by Nature. 
Mystic: n. 1. Person who seeks Spiritual Truths or Experiences.
Unless otherwise noted, all designs are original and © Naturel Mistik, 1986-2021.
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