"I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch." - Gilda Radner 
Handcrafted Goods for the Urbane Bohemian
A bohemian mecca; a metaphysical emporium! Featuring fine handcrafted divination devices, clothing for men and women, bags, jewelry, bumper stickers and more.

Most items are sold in my Etsy shop, at various shows throughout the year, and at my shop, The Mistik Bibelot, at Now Then and Again in Salem VA. Visit my Facebook page for the show schedule. Contact me if you are looking for the fortune telling decks. I will let you know what is currently available and can send a PayPal invoice to you for the ones you would like to order. Thank you!
Unless otherwise noted, all designs are original and © Naturel Mistik, 1986-2023.
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I was in the autumn 2015 edition of Altered Couture magazine! Check out my feature 'Neck Tie Goddess'
on pages 130-133. Back issues available at stampington.com.
Pendulum featuring handmade recycled brass and copper beads from Africa.
Woodburned wall hanging with sea shells, seeing stones from Florida and frosted glass beads.
A selection of woodburned pendulum boards at a recent show.
Wool and vintage velvet scarf.
Raku Hamsa bead necklace.